Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
With Guest Presenter Cat Nelson

November 2: 7 – 8 pm on Zoom

Cat Nelson will introduce us to our state’s indigenous tribes with a brief introduction on who they are and where they are located. She will then share an overview of historic milestones and cultural pathways to issues facing our indigenous population today. There will be a short time for questions and answers following the presentation.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to share with friends old and new. Free and open to all!

Click link given to register and attend:

The Midlands Interfaith Meetup began as a public dinner discussion group that moved to Zoom at the onset of the 2020 pandemic. Our primary purpose is to get to know others from the rich variety of faith communities in South Carolina. All are welcome. Our only rules are those below.

• Allow others to express their beliefs and practices in the terms that they choose, not attempting to reframe their beliefs in a way that makes us more comfortable.

• Accept that at times people disagree. This does not imply a personal slight, or even conflict.

• Practice the art of inclusive language. For example, when discussing spiritual matters, we often frame our statements with phrases such as, “in my tradition,” or “as I understand it,” or “in my opinion,” as a way of indicating that we do not claim to speak for others when expressing beliefs or feelings.

• Interfaith occasions are never the place to proselytize for one’s own religion. It’s perfectly appropriate to invite others to visit your services and events, but advancing your religion as a preferred alternative is highly disrespectful.

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