WorldCitizenChildrenWelcome to Interfaith Partners of South Carolina!

The state of South Carolina has a centuries-old history of vibrant religious pluralism. The descendants of our indigenous tribes still maintain their unique spirituality. From the earliest days of European colonization, dozens of faiths entered the port of Charleston or traveled south by land, from Muslims to Anabaptists, Jews to Huguenots.  And today we are home to hundreds of religious traditions, large and small. Our economic and social fabric are comprised of business executives, students and faculty at our universities, medical professionals and others who are often new South Carolinians bringing with them the faith traditions of countries around the world. South Carolina interfaith leaders have long realized the importance of bringing together people of divergent religious cultures. Interfaith Partners of South Carolina is a statewide organization.  We invite you to join us for events throughout the year, including discussion groups, festivals, services, films and classes.