IHM Resource for Faith Reps

Below is a sample of how one faith representative is reaching out to her religious community about Interfaith Harmony Month 2021. Contact Renee (see below) for help crafting your own message.

Dear Fellow UUs, 

I am writing to introduce myself to you. My name is Renee Kauffman, a long-time UU, and a newly appointed Unitarian Universalist faith representative on the Board of the Interfaith Partners of SC (IPSC). If you have not heard of IPSC, I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about our organization. The Mission of IPSC is to bring together people of diverse religious, spiritual, and secular paths throughout our state to cultivate a more harmonious community.  

  • Please check out our website: https://interfaithpartnersofsc.org for SC’s Diverse Religious History, upcoming events, and resources. 
  • A point of pride: In 2018, IPSC was awarded the “FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award.“ A press release dated 1/11/2019 stated: Special Agent in Charge, Alphonso “Jody” Norris, presented the 2018 Director’s Community Leadership Award to Interfaith Partners of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, for impacting thousands from communities representing all cultures, religions and backgrounds through their efforts; building relationships of trust; prevention of terrorism; understanding of racial and religious bias, and establishing interfaith groups in various communities across South Carolina. 
  • IPSC and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of the Columbia Jewish Federation announced a joint project in October called Action Plan for Election Season Peace, a proactive, non-partisan initiative to build peace and support democracy during this season of polarization and tension. 
  • If you, your congregation or faith group experience harassment, vandalism or violence, you may call our emergency hotline: 1-888-849-1513. 
  • IPSC was instrumental in having the Governor declare January in SC as Interfaith Harmony month. We encourage South Carolinians throughout the state to open their faith group doors to the public for their own interfaith event during the month of January. The deadline to be involved for January 2021 is 12/22/2020. Please see the accompanying document or visit https://interfaithpartnersofsc.org for more information.

As the UU faith representative for the state of SC, I would like to work with you (or someone within your congregation) to create a two-way Interfaith Dialogue about the interfaith happenings in your area and the state of SC.  Above I listed just a few examples of how I see IPSC being a resource and partner to you and your congregation. I welcome your questions.  I’d like to share resources and opportunities that tie into our UU principles. I would also be willing to share programs or events that your congregation is offering to the public. You might have a religious education program that you are offering, or social/environmental justice events, or you might want help with introductions to leaders of different faith traditions. I would be glad to be that point person for you! 

The best way to contact me is through email: renee.kauffman.apds@gmail.com. Please feel free to pass along this information to the appropriate person, if you are not that person. I look forward to working with you as I serve the IPSC Board and its mission in bringing together people of diverse religious, spiritual, and secular paths throughout our state to cultivate a more harmonious community.  

Renee Kauffman