First Things First

Danielle Cabaup Division 3: Grade 6 to Grade 8

Danielle Cabaup Division 3: Grade 6 to Grade 8

Here are some sample goals that we like:

  1. To eliminate prejudice that creates tension between members of different religious traditions.
  2. To advance understanding of religions and ideologies by study, dialogue, and sharing of religious experiences.
  3. To foster appreciation for the richness of diverse ideologies and religions.
  4. To identify commonalities and differences among religions and ideologies to enhance personal growth and transformation.
  5. To promote friendship and trust among people of diverse ideologies and religions.

This is one model for goals, found in Beversluis, 2000. From “A Grassroots Model,” Grand Rapids Interfaith Dialogue Association

You can see that the goals above are very similar to the Vision Statement of Interfaith Partners of South Carolina:

The vision of Interfaith Partners is that all religious groups within the state will interact harmoniously so that:

  • All people are treated with dignity and respect.
  • The religious freedom of all groups is protected.
  • Each religious group’s practices and teachings are given respectful consideration.
  • Interfaith discussions will become conversation models that others will want to emulate.

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