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Interfaith In Action

IMG_20160124_110637_941Here are some ideas for interfaith activities. Follow the link for each one to more detailed how-to’s.

Home dinner group – Covered dish dinner followed by facilitated discussion. More here

Home study group – Everyone read the same book or other material, and meet in a home to discuss.  More here

Song, drumming, dance circles – Hold open gatherings where participants enjoy the oldest arts together.  More here

Team community project – Choose a group project to benefit the community, e.g., a food drive, collecting books and clothes for a children’s home, building a home (e.g., through Habitat for Humanity), attend a rally or walk for a shared cause.  More here

PanelHolliAmarjitsmallerPublic guest speaker – Present a special speaker in a community forum.  More here

Webinar – Present a special speaker online, followed by an invitation to an in-person event such as a home dinner or discussion group.  More here

Film discussion group – Show a film and then discuss, either at a public location like the library, or in a home.  More here

Public presentation – Offer to give a brief talk at a civic group meeting, Sunday or Sabbath school class, or other community event.  More here

Compassion Discussion Questions

Some conversation starters: How would you define compassion? What does a compassionate organization (company, school, place of worship, community) look or sound like? How does one become a more compassionate person? Some Buddhist traditions believe that the goal in life is to be happy and that the path to happiness is to make others happy. …

Dialogue Decalogue

Summary of Swidler’s recommendations for successful interfaith dialog: The primary purpose of dialogue is to learn, that is, to change and grow in the perception and understanding of reality, and then to act accordingly. Interreligious, interideological dialogue must be a two-sided project— within each religious or ideological community and between religious or ideological communities. Each …

Home Study Group

Small groups may choose a book that everyone reads in advance of a discussion group in a private home. A study group is best for people who have already participated in interfaith events which are primarily social, such as a home dinner group. An experienced moderator is key to assuring an energetic discussion which includes …

Interfaith Leadership

Organizing and leading an interfaith activity in your community may be the most significant step that you ever take to further peace in your time. Many of us never expected to find ourselves involved with the interfaith movement. There is no job description for an interfaith leader, although we have observed some important characteristics. Interfaith …

Tips For Success

Learn all that you can about other religions. Go out of your way to be around people of other faiths. Look for projects you can share with people of other religions which will benefit the community. Maintain respect for both the inherent rights of all individuals and their differences. Promote protection for the vital boundaries …