Interfaith Partners Affirms and Supports Asian Americans

March 2021

Interfaith Partners of South Carolina (IPSC) calls on all South Carolinians and all people of faith to support people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent following recent increases in assaults against Asians. We are concerned about our members, as well as all people in South Carolina, who are Asian American or Pacific Islander, or any people of color who experience injustice because of their appearance or ethnicity.

Reported incidents of violence and harassment against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. numbered almost 3,800 in the past year. (Source: Stop AAPI Hate) Of course, this number only represents official reports, and may actually be much higher.

During a period of increased polarization in American society, Interfaith Partners membership includes many Asian Americans, as well as cultures and ethnicities from around the world. IPSC Chair Cheryl Nail said, “Violence against one of us is violence against all of us, for we are one human people. IPSC stands in solidarity with our AAPI friends and neighbors and will continue to combat hate committed against any person because of their perceived race or ethnicity.“

Interfaith Partners offers support by way of an emergency hotline for anyone who feels that their congregation or faith group has experienced harassment, vandalism or violence: 1-888-849-1513.

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