Board of Directors

Officers (Executive Committee)

 ·  Chair: Holli Emore
 ·  Vice Chair: Kamran Borhanian
 ·  Secretary: Pamela Borawski
·  Treasurer: Chad Aldamuy

Board Religious Group Representatives:

 ·  Baha’i Faith: Kamran Borhanian
 ·  Buddhism: Libby Hendley
 ·  Christianity: Kay Hightower
 ·  Hinduism: Jyothi Hegde
 ·  Islam: Ghazala Javed
 ·  Judaism: Jonathan Leader
 ·  Native American Spirituality: Cat Nelson
 ·  New Thought: Karen Romestan
 ·  Paganism: Pamela Barowski
 ·  Sikhism: Amarjit Singh
 ·  Unitarian Universalism: Rebecca Drennan

At-Large Board Members:

 ·  Roger Acton
 ·  Christine Derrick, Communications Chair
 ·  Carl Evans, Chair Emeritus
 ·  Wendelin Russell
 ·  Amita Singh
 ·  Sister Pam Smith

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