Be Part of SC Interfaith Harmony Month!

We encourage South Carolinians throughout the state to open their faith group doors to the public for their own interfaith event during the month of January. We only ask that you:

  1. State that you are celebrating S.C. Interfaith Harmony Month.
  2. Welcome any who would like to visit your event or service, and refrain from recruiting or proselytizing visitors.
  3. Add our web address to any printed materials you may use:

Here are a few examples of successful events held over the years:

  • Panel discussion of how different faiths view an idea like compassion or mercy.
  • Group folk dances using music, songs and dances from around the world.
  • Sikh gurdwara (temple) service with powerpoint translated lyrics followed by Indian meal.
  • Showing of a special film, like The Sultan and the Saint, or The Gate: The Life of the Bab, or Selma.
  • Shared prayers and food in various synagogues, mosques and congregations.
  • Open ceremony with local Neopagans.
  • Hindu dancers.
  • Educational presentation by various faith leaders.
  • Singalong, shared meal or drop-in.
  • Youth group service project.
  • Musical performance.

Submit your event information before December 18th

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