IPSC Brochure:  email holli @ for the file, which is too large to post here (3MB).  It is designed to be printed on legal size paper, then folded twice.

First Things First

Here are some sample goals that we like: To eliminate prejudice that creates tension between members of different religious traditions. To advance understanding of religions and ideologies by study, dialogue, and sharing of religious experiences. To foster appreciation for the richness of diverse ideologies and religions. To identify commonalities and differences among religions and ideologies …

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Helpful Interfaith Terms

Some useful definitions: Dialogue is when persons of different viewpoints come together and interact. Interfaith dialogue is when persons of different faith traditions or broader religious families interact. Intrafaith dialogue is when persons within a traditions come together with other persons of that faith tradition. Interreligious dialogue is the formal encounter between representatives of different …

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Interfaith In Action

Here are some ideas for interfaith activities. Follow the link for each one to more detailed how-to’s. Home dinner group – Covered dish dinner followed by facilitated discussion. More here Home study group – Everyone read the same book or other material, and meet in a home to discuss.  More here Song, drumming, dance circles – Hold open …

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Reading & Links

Arthur Hull has conducted drum circles for every imaginable kind of group, including many corporate clients, and formally trains facilitators. Ideas, plus books, recordings and other resources for sale. Beversluis, Joel, A Sourcebook for Earth’s Community of Religions, 3rd Ed., (CoNexus, 2000). The modern interfaith movement may be said to have launched with the …

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Religious and Cultural Sensitivity

Demonstrating appropriate sensitivity for cultures different from our own is arguably the topic which creates the most anxiety in those new to interfaith dialog. In the past, we have simply avoided discussions which might bring up uncomfortable differences, hoping to prevent possible misunderstandings. And yet, it is these very discussions which build our new friendships …

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