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Dec. 1 Meetup: Debunking “Mormon” Myths

Truth Restored: Debunking “Mormon” Myths The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is currently commemorating the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.  Since then, this American born faith has spread to congregations across the globe. Come find out about their history, beliefs, and temples at our Dec 1st meetup. This presentation will be given by …

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Oct 6 Meetup

What is the idea of forgiveness? Sin? The “end of time”? Joy Connor shares with us from the book study A Course in Miracles. Join us on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88214388343

A Season’s Wisdom Sep 1 Meetup

How has the pandemic changed your worldview? Your lifestyle? Your family? Join Midlands Interfaith Meetup to share your most profound insights during this season of change. Join friends of any, all and no faiths for a virtual meetup on Zoom from 7-8 PM on Sept. 1. Free and open to the public, but please register …

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Statement by IPSC

Interfaith Partners of South Carolina (IPSC), being a very diverse organization, is heartbroken at the escalating racial division and tension within our communities. IPSC’s mission to bring together people of different religious, spiritual, and secular paths throughout our state to cultivate a more harmonious community, is more important than ever. Our work draws deeply from …

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Midlands Interfaith Meetup, Mar. 3

The Orangeburg Massacre: Witnesses Speak

The Orangeburg Massacre: Witnesses Speak In 1968, a civil rights demonstration turned violent when officers opened fire on a crowd gathered at SC State University. Only this year was a sculpture memorial erected to remember the three students killed that night. Annette Reynolds, a student at the time, and Bill Barley, a photojournalist at the …

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Midlands Interfaith Meetup, Dec. 3

Reflecting on 2019

Reflecting on 2019 Let’s cut through the cliches and dig into this past year together. We’ll talk in small groups about our successes, failures, and what we’ve learned. Sit with people you would like to get to know better! Join friends of any, all and no faiths at the British Bulldog in Harbison. 6-8 PM. …

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