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Understanding Extremism: Oct 2 Midlands Interfaith Meetup

The issues of radicalization and de-radicalization are complex, often subtle, and open to multiple interpretations. Dr. Jonathan Leader, an anthropologist at the University of South Carolina, who teaches courses in law and conflict, religion, and the cultural analysis of terror will be sharing some of his perspectives on this important area of study and its …

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Midlands Interfaith Meetup

What's the Buzz?

What’s The Buzz? Bring one news item from your faith/spirituality to put into the pot for a simmering conversation with interfaith friends. It can be good or bad or some of each. Be prepared to share why you think it’s important and what we can all learn from it. Midlands Interfaith Meetup: Tuesday, Sep 4 …

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Interfaith Art Day July 29

The Last Pagan Emperor: Julian, Jerusalem & Ancient Interfaith

Emperor Julian (331/2 -363) ruled the Roman Empire from 361 to 363. Although his reign was brief, it was significant. He became emperor after Constantine declared Christianity religio licita (a permitted religion), but before 380, when Theodosius I made it the empire’s sole authorized religion. Julian lived at a time that Christianity was gaining influence …

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Art & Photography Contest Open Now!

Preschool to college – click to learn more and to enter

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