about that meetup in October

Image result for mea culpaTo everyone who came out (all 40 or so of us!) for the October Midlands Interfaith Meetup – thank you for your graciousness and understanding as we began to realize that the restaurant was clueless about our reservation, and either unable or unwilling to accommodate us.
I want to apologize to everyone who went out of your way to come out and hear our special presenters, Tayyaba Sadiq and Omar Shaheed.
Tayyaba and Omar – we thank you most sincerely for your understanding and willingness to reschedule.
Obviously, we will NOT return to that restaurant under any circumstances, and Ben is hard at work identifying a new location that will suit our needs.
Thanks to the many of you who have made great suggestions, all of which are being followed up. Please bear in mind that the difficulty with most establishments is: a-no separate room; b-required room fee or large deposit; c-unwillingness to allow us to order individually from menu; or some combination of such details. We have high hopes for November’s new location, the British Bulldog Pub at 1220 Bower Parkway, Columbia. Meanwhile, thank you again for being so patient and supportive under trying conditions!