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2019 Interfaith Harmony Month Events

(This is a partial list of what has been submitted to date. If your group plans to participate, submit your information as soon as possible. We will print what we have in order to distribute it at a press conference just after Christmas.)

Interfaith: Women of Many Faith
Thu Jan 10 7-9 PM
Facilitated group discussion of “Holy Leisure”
Columbia location TBA
For more information, contact:

Interfaith: IPSC Peace in the Park ‘Art Gallery’
Sun Jan 13 Noon-3 PM
Display of entries to 2018 Peace In The Park art and photography exhibition
McGregor Presbyterian Church 6505 St Andrews Rd Irmo
For more information, contact: Adrian Bird 803-319-1439

Muslim: Compassion in our Many Faiths
Sun Jan 13 3-5 PM
Panel Discussion followed by Q&A session. Visitors will be able to observe at least one Muslim Prayer, meet with their Muslim neighbors and enjoy snacks. Modest clothing is recommended.
PICNA and Masjid Noor Ul Huda 517-Winmet Drive Columbia
For more information, contact: Chaudhry Sadiq 803.210.7355

Jewish: Judaism 101: Ethics, Spirituality and Peoplehood
Thursday, January 17 78:30 PM
Barry Abels, Executive Director of the Columbia Jewish Federation and Katie & Irwin Kahn JCC, gives an overview of Judaism through an exploration of Jewish ethics, spirituality, and peoplehood.
Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
306 Flora Drive, Columbia 29223
For more information, contact: Cheryl Nail

Sikh: Kids From Many Faiths
Sat Jan. 19 11 AM-3:30 PM
Movie, discussion, lunch, traditional Punjabi game and snacks for kids from all faith groups.
Sikh Religious Socety of South Carolina 11419 Broad River Rd Chapin
For more information, contact: Amarjit Singh 917-415-0464

Baha’I’: Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of the Bab
Sun Jan 27 2-4 PM
Our program will include a brief introduction to the Bab’s position in Baha’i history, and then a showing of the new film, “The Gate: The Life of the Bab.”
Greater Columbia Baha’i Center 2020 Assembly Street Columbia
For more information, contact: Carey Murphy 803-553-3352

Pagan: Lights of Nut
Sun Jan 27 7 PM
Each of us makes our own journey through the night, seeking the light of understanding. While we must make a solitary journey, we are not alone. The deep blue body of Nut, the sky mother, embraces and receives us all, and gives rebirth to us with the dawn. Every year at this time Ancient Egyptians gathered to celebrate the Feast of Nut, whose vast blue star-covered body stretched across the sky above them. The sun (symbolized by the scarab beetle in the painting at left) traveled across her body each day, was swallowed by her at dusk, then rebirthed each dawn. Nut’s arms and legs were the four pillars on which the vault of heaven rested. With her lover, Geb, the earth, she gave birth to the Heliopolitans Isis, Osiris, Set and Nephthys.
Temple Osireion RSVP for directions to home in Columbia
For more information, contact: Holli Emore

Interfaith: Third Annual Celebration of Food and Faith!
Mon Jan 28 6:30-8:30 PM
Blessings: a Dialogue between Muslims and Jews. Join college students and community leaders for a conversation about cultural and religious points of view between Jews and Muslims. The central topic will be the use of “blessings” in prayer, ritual and everyday life. Commonalties and differences will be covered. This will be followed by sampling of traditional Jewish (Kosher) and Muslim (Halal) food dishes.
The program begins with a discussion between Rabbi Michael Davies, local Orthodox rabbi, and Imam Shamu Shamudeen, and Charleston Imam moderated by Elijah Siegler, Professor of the Department of Religious Studies at the College of Charleston.
Following the moderated conversation, attendees will form breakout groups and discuss issues beyond blessings, including Jewish and Muslim dietary practices, pilgrimage, clothing, scripture, charity and more.
Admission is free and all are welcome! No reservations are needed.
Charleston Interreligious Council with College of Charleston Department of Religious Studies, Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program, Jewish Student Union/Hillel from the College of Charleston,
The Mosque of Charleston Arnold Hall, 96 Wentworth Street Charleston
For more information, contact: Ken Fox

Celebration of Native American Spirituality
Sunday, February 3  9:30 AM-12:30 PM
At its 9:30 and 11:15 services, Unity Church will host Rev. Catherine Nelson and friends who will provide music, drums, message, Calling of the Four Directions. Smudging will occur outside the sanctuary.
2535 Leeds Ave, 29405
For more information, contact: Ask for Ed or Elizabeth, or call Catherine at 843-217-0962

Interfaith: Dances of Universal Peace
Fri Feb 8 7-9 PM
Dances of Universal Peace are active meditative practices honoring the positive spiritual energy in the world’s many different faith traditions. DUP began late in the twentieth century, sponsored by the universalist Sufi Ruhaniat International order.   Each dance increases our awareness of the Divine in and around us. For each dance, our mentored leader teaches us a sacred phrase, its meaning and melody, and the motions of the dance. Then we are led to chant and move through several iterations of the dance, to deepen our spiritual connection to the universe. Expect respectful hand-holding, eye contact, and occasional hugs as part of the dances.   In our usual two hour session, we typically do several dances and share some blessings, prayers, and poems. Admission is free, and donations are accepted to support the dances. After dancing, we usually socialize for a while. For more information about DUP, see
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia 2701 Heyward Street Columbia
For more information, contact: Marguerite Frongillo,, 803-743-0731

Unitarian Universalist
TBA  Columbia

Unity of Hilton Head and UICC

Be Part of SC Interfaith Harmony Month!

We encourage South Carolinians throughout the state to open their faith group doors to the public for their own interfaith event during the month of January. We only ask that you: Acknowledge that you are part of Interfaith Partners of South Carolina’s celebration of S.C. Interfaith Harmony Month Welcome any who would like to visit …