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Board of Directors

Zohra Arastu, Muslim Faith Representative
Zulfikar Berk, At-Large
Adrian Bird, President
Bill Collins, At-Large
Carl Evans, Past President
Rebecca Drennan, At-Large
Holli Emore, Pagan Faith Representative, Public Information Officer
Libby Hendley, Treasurer, Buddhist Faith Representative
Katherine Kawamoto, At-Large
Mary Kennerly, At-Large
Ed Kosak, Unity Faith Representative
Jonathan Leader, At-Large
Carey Murphy, Baha’i’ Faith Representative
Cheryl Nail,  Vice-President, Jewish Faith Representative 
Annette Reynolds, At-Large
Amarjit Singh, Sikh Faith Representative
Kumkum Singh, At-Large
Arunima Sinha, Hindu Faith Representatitve
Cheryl Soehl, Unitarian Universalist Faith Representative
James Taylor, At-Large
Melissa (“Missie”) Walker, Secretary
[open] Native American Spirituality Faith Representative

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